Welcome to the Kingscross Friends & Family Rewards program, where you can easily earn rewards dollars for successfully referring friends, family & co-workers to Kingscross.  Use your Kingscross Rewards towards the purchase of your next Hyundai, the next maintenance or repairs of your vehicle, or Hyundai parts and accessories -- it's your choice.  Simply submit your referral's information below -- no registration required, just remember the phone number you used.

Each successful referral earns you $200 in Kingscross Rewards dollars.

1. A successful referral is one that results in a purchase of a vehicle at Kingscross Hyundai.
2. Your referral must mention the Friends & Family program to the sales representative at the beginning of the consultation. This ensures that you will earn your Kingscross Rewards.
3. You will not earn Kingscross Rewards if your referral has purchased a vehicle from Kingscross before, or if they have received Kingscross Friends & Family Rewards before.